Kariera zawodowa:

Od XI.2018. Usługi konsultingowe w zakresie benefitów pracowniczych; dystrybucji i marketingu

X.2017 – wykładowca w Wyższej Szkole Menedżerskiej w Warszawie – studia Podyplomowe MBA – Zarządzanie międzynarodowe
III.2012 – IX.2018 – Prudential Polska - członek Executive Commitee – współtwórca firmy
V.2005 – IX.2012 – AZAR sp zoo – właściciel – usługi konsultingowe :

W latach 2008 – 2012 – usługi doradcze dla:

Metlife (due dilligance spółek Alico w Europie);

Rosgosstrach Rosja;

Russian Standard Insurance;

Allianz Rosno;

AVIVA Rosja;

PZU Ukraina;

Prudential Plc

2006 – 2008 – doradca strategiczny właściciela Rosgosstrach Rosja i dyrektor sprzedaży (start up w zakresie uruchomienia firmy ubezpieczeń na życie i sieci dystrybucyjnej)
2004- 2006 – Dyrektor Generalny dla Centralnej i Wschodnie Europy (CEE)
1998-2004 – v-ce prezes grupy AVIVA (dawniej Commercial Union plc)
1989 – 1998 – właściciel AZAR – firma dystrybucyjna (ubezpieczenia i kredyty)
1982 – 1989 – właściciel firmy handlowej
19980 – 19983 – menadżer hotelu



Studiował w Wyższej Szkole Morskiej wydział mechaniczny oraz Wyższej Szkole Ubezpieczeń



Jazda konna
Ekonomia - globalizacja



Andrzej Burża CEO w Novis Insurance Services
While working in competing environment we always found time and will to share experience and boost our confidence that we were doing the right thing for the insurance market in Poland. I think that we managed to put the quality of selling the service to customers at professional level. Thank you, Robert and keep up the good job!

Krzysztof Baciński Menedżer Produkcji Oprogramowania w BI Insight
Pan Robert Zagata jest kompetentnym i dynamicznym menadżerem myślącym kategoriami rynku. Zawsze wyznacza jasne i realistyczne cele oraz konsekwentnie je realizuje. Praca zespołowa jest "narzędziem" które pozwala w jego rękach osiągać sukcesy na rynku.

Ewa Wolińska konsultant w eTwins
In my opinion Robert have an ability as professional and as well as competent manager. His determination, professionalism and a path of work that finally result in achieving goals which contributed to huge success of Commercial Union Polska Life and partly Pension Companies are the assets which are most important to have by the top manager.

Konrad Kluska Dyrektor Sprzedaży w AVIVA Polska
I have worked with Robert since 1997. Robert is a strong leader very focused on delivering business objectives and puts emphasis on motivation, development and empowerment of people working with him. He has always defined clear and concise targets and was able to create enough engagement of each team member to deliver these targets. Apart from interpersonal skills Robert can create winning market strategies and has lots of determination to execute them. His career, from Branch Manager to Sales Director and Board Member was a proven example and real inspiration for many Commercial Union (Aviva) employees and insurance agents. His international experience and having done a wide range of insurance market surveys makes him an unique specialist on Polish and European insurance market.

Grzegorz Wangrat – Partner w Extended Tools Polska
I have worked with Robert for seven years and I feel I was reallylucky to had such a boss. Robert is a leader who creates people bygiving them a clear vision, trusting them and their potential. I wisheverybody to report to bosses like Robert.

Paweł Miller VP Bioelektra Group SA
I have met Robert in my early days of Commercial Union (now Aviva) career in 1994, when he was an owner and manager of one of the largest and most dynamic CU agencies in Gdańsk. We have conducted several projects together, including winning large group insurance accounts. Even after all those years Robert remains as one of the best managers in the insurance business I came across. He always was able to think and act startegically without losing practical, day-to-day perspective. He is a people's man, yet demanding and straight, problems-solver with high levels of energy that wins people's mind and hearts. I am aware of his excellent job in his CU/Aviva VP Sales position, that le CU become a No 1 pension fund in the country. We remained in touch also during his Russian period and I am sure that he has learned a lot of new things, so now he can only add more value to any sales-driven organisation. 

Ernie Greszta Regional Insurance Manager dla Centralnej Europie i Azji – Fleet Management
Robert is the best expert that I have met and had the pleasure towork with in the area of insurance distribution. His expertise istremendous and supported by many years of experience in morethan one country. I can personally recommend Robert for any chiefpositions or consultancy role that involves insurance distribution.

Anna Katarzyna Wojciechowska Senior Manager
I have the highest opinion on Robert`s abilities as an insurance professional as well as a very competent manager. His full engagement and strong determination in achieving goals highly contributed to huge success of CU Polska Life and Pension Companies

Sergey Surtsukov – Owner and Manager at Darwin Group I worked with Robert in 2007-2008 years as with International Insurance Expert. Robert was hired as the main consultant in Start-Up project of new Russian Standard business - Life Insurance. Robert demonstrated high professionalism and extremely expertise in Sales, Recruiting and Management of Insurance industry. Robert passed the whole path from life insurance agent to international insurance consultant and great experience allow him to share the best practices in insurance industry. Personally Robert is very open and positive nature - work with him - is always pleasure! I wanna to tell again to Robert - thank you Master for your great influence!

Adam Parfiniewicz – CEO at Ultimo
Robert is a strong, charismatic leader of sales. He combines a hands-on operational experience in all kinds of insurance with a strategic vision that is both strong and well balanced. I witnessed Robert in numerous interactions with people at various levels in the organization and I always admired his competence and skills in handling most difficult and complex situations. With his industry experience and talent for motivating his team I need to say that working for Robert was both a challenge (in a positive sense) and a true pleasure.

Piotr Domurad – Life and Bussiness Mastery Coach
It is my privilege and sheer pleasure to recommend Robert as a toplevel executive with proven success record of transforming greenfields into thriving businesses internationally.

Dmitry V. Ivarbeev – Head of HRBP Division
I appreciated Robert's work at ROSGOSSTRAKH due to his excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills as well as a results-oriented approach. He is a SALES person one hundred percent, and also energized and motivated people to do and love their jobs. With Robert we felt a continuous increase of sales and expansion in the regions. I really do believe that Robert is one of the best sales and marketing professionals in the Life Insurance field. I would definitely recommend him to any employer in insurance, banking or other sector.

Dmitry Rudakov – Senior training consultant at Richardson Europe
I have a luck to work with Robert in Rossgosstrakh Russia. I've been responsible for Life Insurance training system, Robert was the Head of sales development team. What could I say... Robert is the most professional manager and salesman I've ever seen. He has not only outstanding personal experience, but also wisdom and good nature - extremely rare combination for senior manager, especially in Russia (Robert is a good friend for all staff - from managers to the very young agents. If I ever will receive an invitation to work with Robert again - I'll accept it withous saying, no matter what business will it be.

Elena Kozlyuk – Regional Director Rosgosstrakh Life
Robert helped me put a business from zero. He's a good coach and leader. He always succeeds and has taught me that. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional.

Jacek Skwierczyński – CRO w Open Life
I had the pleasure to work together with Robert in Russian Standard insurance Moscow. His knowledge of how sales force for life insurance should be organized and managed was astonishing. From his experience he immediately pointed to possible mistakes in the way the company wanted to build it's tied agent sales structure. To my knowledge this was the first and only professionally organized sales force in Russia and Ukraine. His good commandment of Russian made it easy for him to communicate with the local people. If any one ever choses to enter the life insurance market in Russia - he should first use his services.